Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cycle 2 Task 1

After almost two monthes, our first cycle is over, and a brand new crop of hopefuls have taken the void left by it. I want to see how talented you guys are. So here is the first task.

Task 1;
For the first task, I want you guys to make a scenery explaining who you are. I'm giving you a lot of freedom; you can do anything with the scenery, as long as it is linked to you, what you stand for, whatever you want. Easy enough, right? It's not as easy as it sounds.  I am expecting good posing, a theme, and an explanation. Good luck!

Deadline; August 22nd 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011

Elimination 5 and Final Task

This elimination hurts me a lot, since the girl I've chosen to leave us has so much potential. Well, first let's go over the performance of all three girls.

Fatima135: I liked that you tried new poses but they only half paid off. The scenery you did for part 2, the proportions were horribly off. Yet, the first one was good to look at.

Pikandchew: You misunderstood the meaning of Covergirl, and your commercial did not show the most important part - your face! If your confused, you should ask me or do some research. As for part 2, your scenery was good and fit very well together, but I would have liked to see some more complex poses.

Juicy-much: Your sceneries were both disappointing. You have to try and get your proportions right. Take real life campaigns as inspiration. Your part 2 was a bit confusing and not too good to look at, since the hand posing was totally off. But nevertheless, you tried hard and experimented with new poses.

TOP 2:


Both of you did not impress me with your sceneries but I believe both of you have a lot of potential.


Pikandchew: You were definetly one of my favorites in this competition. Your unique look at detailed sceneries will not be forgotten. You have an enormous amount of potential, and I hope you are very successful in your modeling career. You will be missed, and good luck in the future.


We are now up to the final task of this competition! This is it, you nail this task and you might just win! I've divided this task into FOUR parts. I know, that's a lot, but you will be given lots of time. Please read carefully:


This first part is called, Be Different. You have to create a scenery with the theme given to you. The theme will be something you are not used to:

Juicy-much: For part 1, I want you to be dirty, disgusting, sexy, controversial and alluring. I want to see the dark and sensual side of you. Throughout the competition you've shown us girly, goth and vibrant. Now I want you to get dirty! This also means you have to change your makeup, hair color, etc.

Fatima135: Throughout this competition I've seen only one look from you. The other contestants changed their looks depending on what sort of scenery they were making but you've kept the same look. I want you to change your look. Your theme is girly, pink, frilly teenage type scenery. Don't be afraid to show the inner girl in you. Use as many feminine colors you want, but remember, the end product has to look good!

Good luck to both of you in the first part, and remember, BE DIFFERENT!

PART 2: 

A big time model usually graces the cover of magazines. One of the most famous magazines out there is Vogue. Vogue is known for its individuality and its high fashion. For part 2, both of you girls have to create yourself on the cover of Vogue. I am giving you lots of freedom because you can decide the theme yourself. This task includes a bit of editing as well. After your done with your scenery, go on an editing site like photo bucket on picnik and write Vogue on it. It's your choice if you want to add any additional text but the title is compulsory.
Yes, if you are wondering, I did get the idea for this part from the final task of Melsmodels.You can take inspiration from Melinda's and Linus's sceneries, which is why I'll post them here:

This is Melinda's scenery after it was edited.

Linus made his Vogue title in Star design. 
You don't necessarily have to do that.


This is perhaps the most cliche part, but I really want to see what you guys come up with. For this part you have to be YOU. But not only you, you have to make a scenery portraying yourself as you were in the beginning of the competition, and how you have changed at the end. This does not necessarily mean that you use two models, but you can if you want to. I expect the poses for this part, and all the rest, to be complex. Good luck on this part as well.


For this task, you have to make a topic in the club saying, 'Part 4 (name)' You have to write about your journey here. Now, I know it was not a long one, but you can write about it nevertheless. Good luck.

And that's it. After all this, the cycle ends, and a Classique Model is crowned. For this task, you have to do all the parts in order, with the exception of part 4, which you can do whenever. Good luck top 2!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Updates/Cycle 2

I have opened up auditions for cycle 2 and they will stay open for a very long time. I will announce the top 2 as well as the final task on August 30th.
People who want to audition for cycle 2, you have tons of time, so fill out the form carefully. I will announce the finalists for cycle 2 one day after announcing the winner of cycle 1.
Good luck :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Elimination 4 and Task 5

The competition has gone by fast, and we are already up to the top 4, well now top 3. Well, without further a due, here is the call out order:


1) Pikandchew: Congratulations! You created the best scenery this week! It will be featured on the club homepage. Though your pose was off proportion, your background was stunning and made up for it.

2) Fatima135: Your scenery was good, but this was a close call. Next time, I want to see even more.

The following are not really the bottom two since I don't think these two even did remotely bad. But, someone has to go, sadly.

3) Juicy-much: Your scenery did not come up to par with the rest of your amazing work you've done before.

4) Bingabooo: Your concept was original, but it failed to portray the theme of what you were going for.


Bingabooo. I am so sorry. You have made some amazing sceneries here, and I hate to see you go. You have to prove my wrong, and I hope you all the best in your future career.

The rest of you are SAFE.


We are already up to our final three girls. Since this cycle has been quite short, I decided to divide task 5 into two parts.


It's time for a Covergirl Commercial! For this first part, the three of you have to create a commercial promoting lipstick. You can either buy the lipstick or find it in a scenery. The Eiffel tower scenery has lipstick in it. If your confused, please ask me any questions.
Don't be afraid to be bold and innovative. Try to be original so your commercial stands out.
Here is some inspirations:

Good luck on the first part!


For this task, you have to make a combined scenery. This means you have to use your medoll, as well as the medoll of the other two contestants. For example, in Juicy-much's scenery, she has to use herself and Fatima135 and Pikandchew.
Your scenery has to portray a color, which I will give you. Make sure your own medoll is the center of attention.
Here are the colors:

Pikandchew: Black

Fatima135: Red

 Juicy-much: Yellow

Here is some inspiration

Your medoll's don't have to do such complex poses as above. But try different, new poses.

When you've done part 1, write down for the heading, "Task 5 Part 1 - (Name)" same for part 2. Again, if you have any questions, please ask me by either dollmail or under the topic.

DEADLINE:  July 30th. (I'm giving you lots of time)

Good luck top 3!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Elimination 3 and Task 4

I was very happy to see that all of you did your tasks, and they were very good! Here are the top 3:

TOP 3: 

1) Fatima135: Congratulations! You've created the best scenery this week. It will be featured on the homepage of the club. Great job!

2) Juicy-much: You have no idea how close this was! Congrats on being the runner up and I hope even better from you!

3) Pikandchew: You are also quite consistent and I look forward to what you have in store next week! Good job!


Bingabooo: Your scenery was done in a hurry, and somehow it did not capture the theme you were aiming for.

-Clarii-: You have not shown consistency throughout the competition. Your scenery lacked focus and hard work.


-Clarii-: I'm sorry, I know you have a lot of potential, but you jjust have to sharpen your skill.

The rest of you are SAFE.


Modeling can be done anywhere. Even in the water, which is what your new task is about. You have to create an Underwater Photoshoot. Be original, and use versatile strategies and different, unique poses.
Here is some inspiration:

Good luck top 4!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Elimination 2 and Task 3

Hello girls! Another week has passed and it is now time for the second official elimination. I have to say, honestly I had high hopes for you guys, the tasks did not overly impress me. Here is the call out order:

1) Bingabooo
Congratulations! You made the best scenery this week. It will be featured on the club page until the next elimination.

2) Pikandchew
Though you have maintained your spot in the top three, you need to step up your game a bit. Try detailing your sceneries a bit better.

3) Fatima135
You have also retained your spot in the top 3, but please, before you start your scenery, check if someone else's is similar to yours or not.

These are the top 3 girls. Now, for the rest:

4) -Clarii-
5) Juicy-much
6) Rosalie_Twiligh DID NOT COMPLETE TASK
7) Mikii_roxya_sox DID NOT COMPLETE TASK

Both Roseli_Twiligh and Mikii_roxya_sox are ELIMINATED.

 "Beauty" is the theme for this task. Your own beauty and how you embrace it. For this task, the top five have to create a scenery featuring only your medolls' shoulder's and above. This is called a headshot. You can do whatever styling you want with your medoll, only it has to portray YOU. For example, if you are gothic, then do your styling and scenery like that, same if you are girlish etc. 
For this task, posing is not necessary, though you can attempt it if you want. After completing your scenery, write in the comments section what sort of style is yours and how you portrayed it in your scenery. If this sounds confusing, please contact me for any questions.
Here are some headshots for inspiration:


Your headshot can be as creative and original as you want. Good luck top 5!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Elimination 1 and Task 2

I am very happy to announce that, though I had my doubts, everyone completed the task more or less on time. And without further a due, here is the call out order:

TOP 3:

1) Juicy-much
Congratulations. Your the task winner. The judges loved your scenery. Our only advice is to maybe focus a bit more on the minor detailing.

2) Fatima135
We all loved your scenery, just stop doubting yourself from now on and keep your focus. :D

3) Pikandchew
Your scenery was great, but the judges thought it was lacking something. Try giving your scenery an extra something next  time :)

These are the first three girls. They more or less impressed us with their tasks. Now, for the rest.

4) Bingabooo
We loved that you took a risk with your scenery, but next time try polishing it off a bit.

5) Mikii_roxya_sox
We liked the creativity in your scenery, but try making it a bit neater next time.


Sourberry65: Your scenery failed to deliver the essence of the three little pigs. There was no pose, which works sometimes but it did not work here. I understand why you did not use your own medoll, but you could have done a tinypic link.

Rosalie_Twiligh: Your entry was very simple and unnatural looking. The pose did not work well, and the simplicity did not do it much justice.

-Clarii-: Your scenery did not remind me of Beauty and the Beast. The proportions were off and it did not stand out.

The person who is eliminated is: Sourberry65.
I'm really sorry. I can see you have lots of potential, you just need to practice some more :)

The rest of you are SAFE.


There are two types of models. Editorial and Commercial. Some amazing models can pull off both. For this challenge, all of you well try at commercial. All of you will have to advertise one product.
The product to advertise is HEELS.
You can use any type of shoes as long as they are heels. Make sure the focus is on what you are advertising. Your pose should compliment the product you are advertising.
Here are some examples of heel advertisements:

Use these as inspiration or search for your own. The spotlight has to be on the heels. Remember to do this tas on time.

Contestants doing this task:

1) Juicy-much
2) Fatima135
3) Pikandchew
4) Bingabooo
5) Mikii_roxya_sox
6) Rosalie_Twiligh
7) -Clarii-

DEADLINE: 16th July

Good luck top 7!