Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Elimination 3 and Task 4

I was very happy to see that all of you did your tasks, and they were very good! Here are the top 3:

TOP 3: 

1) Fatima135: Congratulations! You've created the best scenery this week. It will be featured on the homepage of the club. Great job!

2) Juicy-much: You have no idea how close this was! Congrats on being the runner up and I hope even better from you!

3) Pikandchew: You are also quite consistent and I look forward to what you have in store next week! Good job!


Bingabooo: Your scenery was done in a hurry, and somehow it did not capture the theme you were aiming for.

-Clarii-: You have not shown consistency throughout the competition. Your scenery lacked focus and hard work.


-Clarii-: I'm sorry, I know you have a lot of potential, but you jjust have to sharpen your skill.

The rest of you are SAFE.


Modeling can be done anywhere. Even in the water, which is what your new task is about. You have to create an Underwater Photoshoot. Be original, and use versatile strategies and different, unique poses.
Here is some inspiration:

Good luck top 4!!!

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