Thursday, July 21, 2011

Elimination 4 and Task 5

The competition has gone by fast, and we are already up to the top 4, well now top 3. Well, without further a due, here is the call out order:


1) Pikandchew: Congratulations! You created the best scenery this week! It will be featured on the club homepage. Though your pose was off proportion, your background was stunning and made up for it.

2) Fatima135: Your scenery was good, but this was a close call. Next time, I want to see even more.

The following are not really the bottom two since I don't think these two even did remotely bad. But, someone has to go, sadly.

3) Juicy-much: Your scenery did not come up to par with the rest of your amazing work you've done before.

4) Bingabooo: Your concept was original, but it failed to portray the theme of what you were going for.


Bingabooo. I am so sorry. You have made some amazing sceneries here, and I hate to see you go. You have to prove my wrong, and I hope you all the best in your future career.

The rest of you are SAFE.


We are already up to our final three girls. Since this cycle has been quite short, I decided to divide task 5 into two parts.


It's time for a Covergirl Commercial! For this first part, the three of you have to create a commercial promoting lipstick. You can either buy the lipstick or find it in a scenery. The Eiffel tower scenery has lipstick in it. If your confused, please ask me any questions.
Don't be afraid to be bold and innovative. Try to be original so your commercial stands out.
Here is some inspirations:

Good luck on the first part!


For this task, you have to make a combined scenery. This means you have to use your medoll, as well as the medoll of the other two contestants. For example, in Juicy-much's scenery, she has to use herself and Fatima135 and Pikandchew.
Your scenery has to portray a color, which I will give you. Make sure your own medoll is the center of attention.
Here are the colors:

Pikandchew: Black

Fatima135: Red

 Juicy-much: Yellow

Here is some inspiration

Your medoll's don't have to do such complex poses as above. But try different, new poses.

When you've done part 1, write down for the heading, "Task 5 Part 1 - (Name)" same for part 2. Again, if you have any questions, please ask me by either dollmail or under the topic.

DEADLINE:  July 30th. (I'm giving you lots of time)

Good luck top 3!

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