Friday, July 15, 2011

Elimination 2 and Task 3

Hello girls! Another week has passed and it is now time for the second official elimination. I have to say, honestly I had high hopes for you guys, the tasks did not overly impress me. Here is the call out order:

1) Bingabooo
Congratulations! You made the best scenery this week. It will be featured on the club page until the next elimination.

2) Pikandchew
Though you have maintained your spot in the top three, you need to step up your game a bit. Try detailing your sceneries a bit better.

3) Fatima135
You have also retained your spot in the top 3, but please, before you start your scenery, check if someone else's is similar to yours or not.

These are the top 3 girls. Now, for the rest:

4) -Clarii-
5) Juicy-much
6) Rosalie_Twiligh DID NOT COMPLETE TASK
7) Mikii_roxya_sox DID NOT COMPLETE TASK

Both Roseli_Twiligh and Mikii_roxya_sox are ELIMINATED.

 "Beauty" is the theme for this task. Your own beauty and how you embrace it. For this task, the top five have to create a scenery featuring only your medolls' shoulder's and above. This is called a headshot. You can do whatever styling you want with your medoll, only it has to portray YOU. For example, if you are gothic, then do your styling and scenery like that, same if you are girlish etc. 
For this task, posing is not necessary, though you can attempt it if you want. After completing your scenery, write in the comments section what sort of style is yours and how you portrayed it in your scenery. If this sounds confusing, please contact me for any questions.
Here are some headshots for inspiration:


Your headshot can be as creative and original as you want. Good luck top 5!

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