Monday, July 11, 2011

Elimination 1 and Task 2

I am very happy to announce that, though I had my doubts, everyone completed the task more or less on time. And without further a due, here is the call out order:

TOP 3:

1) Juicy-much
Congratulations. Your the task winner. The judges loved your scenery. Our only advice is to maybe focus a bit more on the minor detailing.

2) Fatima135
We all loved your scenery, just stop doubting yourself from now on and keep your focus. :D

3) Pikandchew
Your scenery was great, but the judges thought it was lacking something. Try giving your scenery an extra something next  time :)

These are the first three girls. They more or less impressed us with their tasks. Now, for the rest.

4) Bingabooo
We loved that you took a risk with your scenery, but next time try polishing it off a bit.

5) Mikii_roxya_sox
We liked the creativity in your scenery, but try making it a bit neater next time.


Sourberry65: Your scenery failed to deliver the essence of the three little pigs. There was no pose, which works sometimes but it did not work here. I understand why you did not use your own medoll, but you could have done a tinypic link.

Rosalie_Twiligh: Your entry was very simple and unnatural looking. The pose did not work well, and the simplicity did not do it much justice.

-Clarii-: Your scenery did not remind me of Beauty and the Beast. The proportions were off and it did not stand out.

The person who is eliminated is: Sourberry65.
I'm really sorry. I can see you have lots of potential, you just need to practice some more :)

The rest of you are SAFE.


There are two types of models. Editorial and Commercial. Some amazing models can pull off both. For this challenge, all of you well try at commercial. All of you will have to advertise one product.
The product to advertise is HEELS.
You can use any type of shoes as long as they are heels. Make sure the focus is on what you are advertising. Your pose should compliment the product you are advertising.
Here are some examples of heel advertisements:

Use these as inspiration or search for your own. The spotlight has to be on the heels. Remember to do this tas on time.

Contestants doing this task:

1) Juicy-much
2) Fatima135
3) Pikandchew
4) Bingabooo
5) Mikii_roxya_sox
6) Rosalie_Twiligh
7) -Clarii-

DEADLINE: 16th July

Good luck top 7!

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